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Hhhhmmm...about me...well let's start with my name which is pronounced Duh-Reece but I will answer to pretty much anything.  My parents made the name up and it doesn't have any significance. I hated it when I was a kid because I hung out with Mary's and Ellen's, Kelly's and Anne's but I've since made peace with it.

I live in a home built in 1900 in Hanover, Massachusetts with my husband, 3 sons, 2 dogs and would have an entire farm full of animals if I friends don't call me Dr. Doolittle for nothing.

I have always liked decorating but didn't think of it as something I would could do as a career. I went off to college to major in marketing, worked a bit and then went back to grad school for elementary education.  I was in a classroom until my oldest was born 21 years ago.  And that's when I shifted gears.

I am self taught. My training came in the form of designing and building our family's first two homes from the ground up and renovating our third. Along with working closely with my aunt who is also in the biz, so to speak, and my mom has got a great eye! Mix all that in with 20 years of helping other homeowners up and down the south shore with restyling, furniture placement & accessorizing, renovating & updating, staging & organizing, window treatments & wall coverings, seasonal & event decorating.

But wait there's more...

I do more than just residential interiors. Commercial interiors have included an ice cream parlor, spa, dentist, business offices both large and small and a local restaurant. 

My business has grown tremendously through referrals. My relationship with a client is built on trust, intuitively understanding their tastes and needs all the while having a good time!

No matter the size of the project, the goal is always the same: to make your personal style shine.  I can make that happen for you and it doesn't have to cost a fortune and we can have fun doing it!

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